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If you are interested in something specific, try these links.

Gen Fic
Sam/Jack Fic
Other Pairings Fic
Long Fics

Other Fandoms (Leverage, SGA, SGU, CSI, House, Firefly, Austen, Last of the Mohicans, Gilmore Girls)

Down Here Among the Wreckage (Mature, Apocafic, Tragedy, Angst, Team, Sam/Jack)
Five years ago, SG-1 broke in half. Two years ago, Earth lost. Today, there is one last chance to fix things.  But sometimes the pieces just don’t fit back together again.

Conversations We Never Had (SG1, PG, Sam/Jack)
Conversations Jack and Sam never had, but probably should have.
2000 words

Flight of the Brochures (Gilmore Girls/SG-1 Crossover, Gen)
Emily Gilmore has a close encounter of the Chulakian kind.
750 words

Le Fantome (Last of the Mohicans, Older Teens, Angst,)
As Magua’s captive, Alice learns the importance of walking with the dead.
2000 words

we build then we break (and build up again) (Older Teens, Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Drama, Sam/Jack)
Sam’s last mission on SG-1, and the life that follows.
15,000 words

Mimesis (Older Teens, Drama, Angst, Sam/Jack)
Jack tries to help Carter deal with her time spent with Fifth and the Replicators. 'New Order/Gemini' AU.
16,000 words

who i am at the end of the day (SGU, Older Teens, Drama, Angst, Ginn/Greer)
Choice is a luxury Ginn has never tasted.
5000 words

Coming to Terms (PG, Drama, Kerry/Jack, Jack/Sam)
It wasn’t quite as merciless as it sounded in her head sometimes. Kerry POV.
1000 words

I Love It When A Plan Comes Together (PG, Fluff, Sam/Jack)
Dear Airline, I was marooned on an alien planet....
2200 words

Rusted Wheel (Mature, Angst, Action/Adventure, Hurt/Comfort, Sam/Jack)
Things were strained enough between them before they ended up prisoners on a desert planet. Only then there’s an unexpected side effect to the technology keeping them trapped. This is helplessness neither thought they would ever have to experience.
32,000 words

Reversal (NC-17, AU, Apocafic, Sam/Jack)
Nothing has been normal between them since Earth died. Sequel to 'Compliance'
3000 words

Compliance (NC-17, AU, Apocafic, pr0n, Sam/Jack)
Carter has always been good at following orders.
2800 words

Falling Back to Earth (Older teens, Drama, Action/Adventure, Angst, Team, Sam/Jack)
Jack gets the call from the SGC. He should have been cynical enough to know it was all too good to last. Sequel to 'Convergence' and 'Linger'. 'Children of the Gods' AU.
28,000 words

A Rush of Blood to the Head (Teen, Drama, Angst, Sam/Jack)
"You volunteering to come with me, Carter?" Sam and Jack deal (or don't) with the creation of mini!Jack.
3800 words

Linger (PG, AU, Drama, Sam/Jack)
They've been doing this...whatever it is for almost a month now. Sequel to 'Convergence'.
2300 words

Convergence (Mature, AU, Angst, Drama, Sam/Jack)
Jack O'Neill is a man waiting to die, and she's the only one brave enough not to look away. Set during Stargate: The Movie.
3000 words

Saying It (PG-13, Humor, Drama, Sam/Jack)
This is not at all how Jack imagined being locked up with Carter in a storage closet would be like. Number nine in the DC Series. Follows 'Pocket Full of Posies'.
6500 words

Let Us Begin (PG, Gen, Drama)
Sha’re and Bra'tac "When you're going through hell, keep going." (Winston Churchill)
900 words

Walking the Line
(G, Gen)
Jennifer Keller and Cameron Mitchell: His last words to her before she left Earth were: "Give 'em hell."
800 words

The Raggedy Edge (PG-13, Action/Adventure, Drama, Crossover with Firefly, Sam/Jack)
During a rescue mission gone awry, Sam and Jack end up stranded in another galaxy where they find themselves passengers on a ship called Serenity.
40,000 words

Pocket Full of Posies (PG-13, Hurt/Comfort, Drama, Sam/Jack)
The Ori have gotten to Sam in a way the Goa'uld never did. It scares the hell out of Jack. Number eight in the DC Series. Follows 'Status Quo'.
8,000 words

The Chainsaw Job (Leverage, PG-13, Apocafic, humor)
In case of zombies, please take the stairs.
2,200 words

Down to the Bone (PG, Angst, Drama, Sam/Jack)
She knows now, what's essential. 'Threads' fix-it.
4500 words

The Sleeping Warrior (PG-13, Drama, Action/Adventure, Teal'c/Ishta)
Teal’c thought the hardest battles already won, but instead, the real struggles are just beginning. The Jaffa nation after the defeat of the Goa’uld.
9000 words

Seasons (PG-13, AU, Sam/Jack)
Four very different sets of Jack and Sam that escape to alternative realities.
9000 words

Stockholm Syndrome (G, Gen, Humor, Jack/Sam Friendship)
Jack and Sam get captured by the worst bad guys ever.

1500 words

Please, God, Let It Be April Fool's (PG, Crack, Ficamnesty)
Wherein Jack is shocked, Sam is pissed, Thor has ulterior motives, and SG-1 risk life and limb.
900 words

Status Quo (Teen, Angst, Sam/Jack)
Things are going well.  Really well.  Which only means they should have seen this coming. Number seven in the DC Series. Sequel to 'Worth It'.
5300 words

Surrogate (PG, Gen, Angst, Drama, Cassie and Vala friendship)
An injury sidelines Cassie and she’s stuck with the most unlikely of nursemaids.
4000 words

The Short Straw (Mature, Angst, AU, Sam/Jack UST)
Carter pulls the short straw. Things only get worse from there. ‘Shades of Grey’ AU.
5000 words

Worth It (Older Teens, Fluff, Drama, Sam/Jack)
Sam likes the idea that she can still shock him. Number six in the DC Series. Sequel to 'You're My Destination'.
5600 words

Fallout (Teen, Fluff)
Missing Scene for 'The Lies You Feed Yourself'
1500 words

Roanoke (SGA, Teen, Mystery, Horror, Apocafic, Future, Gen)
Finding Atlantis at all had been a miracle, but they've answered one mystery just to find a dozen more.
8000 words

The Lies You Feed Yourself (Teen, Angst, Drama, AU, Sam/Jack)
They simply aren’t part of each other’s worlds anymore.  They haven’t been for years.  Jack and Sam three years after they leave the SGC.
10,000 words

You're My Destination (PG-13, Drama, Romance, Fluff, Sam/Jack)
Jack tries to work out the possibility that Carter’s been cloned and replaced without anyone realizing it.  Sequel to 'Signal Degradation'.
4800 words

What Doesn't Kill You... (PG-13, Humor, Sam/Jack)
Bonus Scene for 'Tiny Little Fractures'
1100 words

Signal Degradation (PG-13, Romance, Sam/Jack)
Jack feels like he's missing half her words, sitting here on the distant end of a phone line. Sequel to 'DC Sleeps Alone Tonight'.

5900 words

DC Sleeps Alone Tonight (PG-13, Romance, Sam/Jack)
Sam worries that maybe it’s a mirage that will disappear if she looks at it too closely or says the wrong thing. Sequel to '
Far From the Cynics of This Town'
4300 words

Hyperion (PG, Humor, Reynolds/Novak)
Colonel Reynolds can't decide if being given command of the Hyperion is an honor...or a curse.

X is for Xenophilia (PG, Gen)
Wherein George, Bra’tac, Jacob, and Selmak sit around pretending to be old farts.
1000 words

Just Another Day at the SGC (PG-13, AU, Sam/Jack)
Bonus scene for String Theory.
1600 words

The Still Point (PG, Angst, Sam/Jack)
Continuum missing scene.
1300 words

Closing Ranks (PG-13, Drama, Gen)
‘Search and Rescue’ post-ep.
1300 words

Hit The Road (PG, Gen, Vala/Teal’c friendship)
Vala notices when no one else does.
1200 words

The View From Up Here (PG, AU, Angst, Drama, Gen)
Sometimes trying just isn't enough. But sometimes...sometimes it is. Sha're helps Sam deal.
4100 words

Far From the Cynics in This Town (PG-13, Romance, Sam/Jack)
Like everything else about this surreal evening he’s spent with her, kissing Carter is surprising and easy and much, much better than Jack would have expected.  Sequel to Out of Context
4500 words

No Air (PG-13, AU, Angst, Sam/Jack)
Their miraculous save comes a few moments too late. 'Descent' AU
1600 words

Gravity Always Wins in the End (NC-17, Hurt/Comfort, SGA Crossover, Sam/Jack)
After Sam is held hostage, Jack makes an impromptu visit to Atlantis.
21,500 words

All’s Fair in Love and Monopoly (PG-13, Humor, Daniel/Vala)
Teal’c gives Vala a clue about the fifty years they spent on the Daedalus, Daniel’s just not sure what it means. ‘Unending’ post-ep
1500 words

Tiny Little Fractures (PG-13, AU, Angst, Drama, Sam/Jack)
Jack had always wondered what might happen if they were both weak at the same exact moment.  Now he knew. 'Grace' AU
11,000 words

Fourteen Years in Paradise (PG, Humor, Sam/Jack)
Sequel to ‘Let the World Spin’. Ficamnesty.
550 words

String Theory: An AU Series (Mature, AU, Drama, Angst, Action/Adventure, Romance, Sam/Jack)
Dr. Carter joins the SGC to discover a life she never expected.
66,000 words

Let The World Spin (PG-13, Drama, Sam/Jack)
SG-1’s stranded off world.  Some of them are having a more difficult time accepting it than others.
2900 words

The Fic Wherein Harry Maybourne Meets His Match (PG-13, Gen)
Harry Maybourne and Vala Mal Doran:  "Well, I wouldn't have done it like that."
650 words

The Goa’uld Are Easy (PG-13, Humor, Gen)
Sam and Vala: She shouldn't have been so surprised at what she found in the drawer.
1300 words

Cliff Diving for Dummies (PG, Gen)
Daniel Jackson and Ronon Dex - Have you ever taken a swim in a deep blue sea?
600 words

Eclipse (PG, Gen)
Sam Carter and Ronon Dex. "Math isn't hard to understand. People are."
1800 words

Beneath the Stains of Time (Mature, AU, Apocafic, Angst, Sam/Jack)
Fifty years after the extinction of the human race, Jack O'Neill wakes to discover that he may be the only one capable of undoing it, but not without a price.
11,000 words

Serendipity (PG-13, Humor, Action/Adventure, Romance, Sam/Jack)
A bright, autumn day playing hooky with Sam.  What could possibly go wrong?  Jack should have known better than to ask.
8300 words

Still Here (CSI, PG, Angst, Sara/Grissom)
She waits to see where he'll be when gravity finally wins, to see if this is a stumble or a collision. ‘Committed’ post-ep
1750 words

Interplanetary Feminism (PG, Gen)
One planet at a time… Ficamnesty.
1000 words

Brave New World (PG, Drama, Gen, Sam/Daniel Friendship)
Sam and Daniel share a late night conversation. 'Threads' post-ep.
1500 words

Ambient (PG-13, Romance, Sam/Jack)
Three first morning-afters Jack and Sam miss, and one they don't.
1500 words

Renegade (PG-13, Gen)
Jack stuck on Atlantis with Woolsey and an Ancient. Ficamnesty
560 words

Acceleration (PG-13, Apocafic, Angst, Daniel/Vala)
There's only two left to remember.
1200 words

SG-1 and the Valentine of Doom
(PG-13, Humor, Sam/Jack)
Saint Valentine's Day, SG-1 style.
2000 words

Egeria's Legacy (Mature, Action/Adventure, Drama, Angst, Sam/Jack)
A Tok'ra civil war is brewing and Sam gets caught in the middle.
62,000 words

Realignment (PG, Angst, Sam/Jack, Sam/Cam friendship)
This has never been her dream alone.  She forgets that sometimes. 'Line in the Sand' addition.
1800 words

Revelations (PG-13, Apocafic, Angst, Drama, Gen)
Cassie and Jack, after the apocalypse.
9700 words

The Last Christmas (PG-13, Apocafic, Angst, Gen)
It's the last Christmas and everything's wrong, but maybe it doesn't matter.
2000 words

Plan C (PG-13, Drama, Sam/Jack)
Jack's retirement, Johnnie Walker style.
1400 words

Jack's Spooktastic Adventure (PG-13, Crack, Humor, Sam/Jack)
Jack's life takes an uncomfortable turn...
1700 words

Five Things Sam Warned Cassie About Before She Went to College (PG, Gen)
100 words

Five Times Jack Came Close to Breaking the Frat Regs with Sam (PG-13, Sam/Jack)
1650 words

Five Things That Sam Carter Would Never Do, No Matter What! (PG-13, some Sam/Jack)
140 words

Five Things Vala Taught Sam but Sam Will Never Admit To (PG-13, Sam/Jack, Sam/Vala)
240 words

Five Ways Sam Carter Got Pregnant (Mature, Sam/Various)
1100 words

Reckless (PG-13, Gen)
God save anyone who underestimated Sam Carter.
1600 words

Nocturnal (PG-13, Sam/Pete)
He is everything she needs.
250 words

Space Pirates: Way Cooler than Ninjas (PG, Humor, Some Sam/Jack)
Jack contemplates a new career.
2100 words

Unexpected (PG-13, Drama, Romance, House Crossover, Daniel/Allison)
She's not what he was looking for and she is never what he expects, but they keep coming back to each other.
7500 words

Exodus (PG-13, Apocafic, Drama, Angst, Sam/Jack)
Saying goodbye.  This isn't how they thought it would end.
16,600 words

Out of Context (PG-13, Angst, Sam/Jack)
SG-1 is moving on, but Sam is standing still.
3600 words

Proposition (PG-13, Humor, Sam/Jack)
Prequel to ‘Pastry’
780 words

Unattainable (PG-13, Angst, Sam/Jack)
They thrived on impossible.
330 words

Broken Words (PG-13, Angst, Sam/Jack)
They were words he never meant to say and now everything is broken between them.
3000 words

Facets (PG, Drama, Elizabeth Weir/Various)
She’s many things to many people.
700 words

The Moment
(PG-13, Angst, Gen)
Daniel's changed. 'Prototype' addition.
700 words

A Space Apart (PG, Angst, Gen)
Teal'c moves back to the SGC and contemplates the decisions he has made. 'Affinity' addition.
1100 words

Chasm (PG-13, Angst, Sam/Jack)
He only did it for her. SJ 'Abyss' addition.
1100 words

Outside the Lines (Mature, AU, Angst, Drama, Sam/Jack)
How far would you go to make your world right again?  Sam Carter is about to find out. 'Chain Reaction' AU.
25,000 words

Reality (PG-13, Angst, Sam/Jack)
Happily ever after isn't what they thought it would be.
2000 words

Pastry (PG, Humor, Sam/Jack)
Sam Carter's on a mission and she's not taking prisoners.
1400 words

Divergence (PG-13, Apocafic, Angst, Sam/Jack)
SG-1 never came up with plan C. 'Fail Safe' AU.
1700 words

Variations (PG-13, Angst, Romance, Sam/Jack)
Various Jacks reflect on their lives. 'Moebius' addition.
2300 words

forsaken (PG-13, Angst, Sam/Jack)
Jack wakes in a nightmare and yearns for the dream he lost.
3900 words

The Regs (PG, Humor, Sam/Jack)
The regs are gone, so why isn't Sam ecstatic?
3900 words

Karma (PG, Drama, Sam/Jack)
Daniel discovers a binding consequence of SG-1's time with the Shavadai. 'Emancipation' AU
6000 words

Infinitesimal Moments (PG-13, Drama, Sam/Jack)
What if Sam finally took the hint?
2300 words

Inevitable (PG-13, Angst, Tragedy, Sam/Jack)
When the inevitable happens, Jack discovers and unexpected gift. Character Death.
1800 word

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