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posted by [personal profile] annerb at 01:58pm on 15/07/2011 under
Just got back, so I'm sure my thoughts need more time to settle, but first blush? I think they fumbled the ending. Great build up, awesome moments, but it just ended on a fizzle instead of a bang. But here's the break down:

Things of utter and complete awesome:
SNAPE. Everything about him. He wins.

LUNA. The one character who came out even more awesome in the movies than the books, and I'm not even sure how that is possible. Love that she yells Harry down. 

NEVILLE. The speech. The sword. Hitting on Luna while there is still time. KILLING THE SNAKE. (I thought for a bit they were going to take that away from him.)

Molly Freaking Weasley. BAD ASS.

Draco and the Malfoys. I love that they let Draco be ambiguous, uncertain, and highlighted the fact that he didn't turn Harry in when he had the chance, even though we are never sure if that was cowardice or morals. It's good they kept it ambiguous. And, even though I have to admit I really really wanted Draco to refuse to cross the line at the end, it made more sense that he did, and even more awesome sense that the second Harry came back to life, the Malfoys were OUT of there.

McGonagall. She doesn't wait for Snape to strike first, just GOES FOR IT. And her "I've always wanted to do that spell." God, priceless.

I even really liked that they changed it so that Voldemort and Harry really felt it when a horcrux was destroyed. It gave a building sense of Harry's coming sacrifice. And I loved that the trio had that moment before Harry went and sacrificed himself. (Though was Ron shocked or just comatose?)

Helena Ravenclaw. I just...really liked her. I'm not sure I can even explain why.

Helena Bonham Carter playing Hermione. "Good morning!"  Haahah. Utter WIN.

Things that make me go Meh:
Basically everything after Neville's speech over Harry's supposedly dead body. Harry coming back was anticlimatic, and so was the entire endless fight between Voldemort and Harry. I think I can see why this decision was made, visually the long fight translates better, but it lacks the utter epicness of that last one spell between the two of them in the book. Plus, Harry's speech in the book about how his sacrifice protects all these people from Voldemort is one of my favorite twists. But I get that there was way too much narrative explanation in that final fight to translate to the screen that they would have to massively change things to make sense to a theater audience. (I still can't imagine having only seen the movies. Would any of this make sense? Lol)

The otherworld with Dumbledore. It felt...rather emotionless over all. Not sure why. Another one of my favorite scenes from the book that just didn't translate. But then again, I have to admit that I am not overall a fan of Gambon's Dumbledore.

They killed Fred off-screen? Oh, REALLY? Boo. And wait, wasn't someone supposed to get a reprieve in the movie who didn't get one in the book? 

The Hermione and Ron hookup. Probably not surprising considering the long history of massive chemistry between DR and EW, and a last minute attempt in HP7 to build the Ron and Hermione chemistry, but it doesn't quite work. It even seems a little out of nowhere. And I'm a R/H shipper! Though getting that hint of Neville/Luna almost made up for it.

Ginny didn't make me wince in this one, which probably had more to do with the fact that she was barely there. What there was of her was awesome, but could Harry have pretended she didn't exist more? I don't think he could have. It was kind of painful to watch. Like Ginny was still that annoying 11 year old and Harry was so over her.

Things that make me go 'WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?'
Epilogue. You included the epilogue?! I swear the entire theater groaned when the "19 years later" came up. (Though they did a pretty good job aging them. CG crow's feet!) It's just...well the perfect contrivance of it sort of kills whatever gravity came before, in this fan girl's opinion.


But, forgetting the negative, let's just pause and wonder at the epic amazingness that is the collection of eight movies all together. With almost entirely the same cast. It's just...pretty fucking awesome. I've been so pleased to go along on the ride. I have no doubt that Harry Potter books will be a favorite of mine for my entire life. Thanks, JKR. You've given all of us an amazing treasure.
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posted by [identity profile] at 09:12pm on 15/07/2011
Whoa whoa whoa. Still can't believe its over. I think this is a pretty fair assessment of the film. I was also surprised to see the changes that they made to the end of elder wand.

And I actually saw them filming the Epilogue when I worked in London last year, and I was worried because in person I think some of the aging stuff didn't look so good, or too believable. So though it wasn't my fav scene, it was a pleasant surprise to see the aging looking much better. (The wonders of CG!)
posted by [identity profile] at 12:50am on 16/07/2011
Hard to believe, isn't it? The epilogue enrages me for many reasons, the least of which everyone living perfectly, happily ever after with kids all magically (ha) born at the same time and being named after dead people. I get why JKR did it, not wanting to hear people beg for HP sequels for the rest of her life, but still. It's almost as annoying as realizing just how frickin' young Lily and James were when they had Harry.
posted by [identity profile] at 09:21pm on 15/07/2011
I'm with you on most of the meh. I wanted the circling of Harry and Voldemort. I wanted Harry's speech and I WANTED that last spell. That last yell. The dead body laying on the floor. I hated the chase, and the physical fighting. Oh, and if Neville hadn't killed the snake, I'd have been pissed. I'm so glad there's others who feel the same way. The ending of Voldemort didn't elicit the same cheers as, say, Bellatrix, in our theater. It was mostly half hearted.

I'm sort of glad they killed Fred off screen. That would have made me cry like a baby. I was misty eyed through most of it, and sniffed back tears a few times, but that would have done me in.

posted by [identity profile] at 12:52am on 16/07/2011
I was so glad that Neville didn't lose any of his bad ass stuff. I think the movies missed the interesting element of just how close Neville was to being the chosen one instead of Harry.

It's weird, but I didn't tear up in this movie at all. I just didn't feel it like I did in DH part 1. I mean, Dobby just got me. But not this film. Hm. (And here I was, scared I would bawl in the theater and make an ass of myself. Lol)
posted by [identity profile] at 01:12am on 16/07/2011
You didn't tear up at all?? OMG I cried throughout most of the movie!! lol I loved it!
posted by [identity profile] at 12:12am on 16/07/2011
Your thoughts - they are mine. OMG I thought I'm the only one with some major criticism - all over eveyrone is just flailing and saying how eveyrthing was amazing.

I started to think there was something wrong with me. :D

Harry's speech in the book about how his sacrifice protects all these people from Voldemort is one of my favorite twists.

Yes. And I always felt taht was SO important to the whole storyline BECAUSE that is the reason everything happened. That spell. Or love, or whatever you wanna call it. And it doesn't even get mentioned. And yes, it would've been difficult to put it in the movie but it's ~important~. Blergh, maybe I'm too much of a book prude here. I don't know. :D

LOL that epilogue. I swear I didn't hear that many people cringe and LOL at the same time, ever. :D It was so unnecessary. Especially after that amazing shot of the trio standing on the bridge holding hands and looking into the future. That was epic.

But all your things of utter and complete awesome I share. So many amazing scenes and performances. ♥

I will miss it. ;__; And yes, it was fucking awsome. ♥
posted by [identity profile] at 12:56am on 16/07/2011
I think we are all inclined to like it, and it is good. I just...maybe hoped for more.

Upon more reflection, I am also disappointed that they dropped the whole thread of choosing the horcruxes over the deathly hallows, the juxtaposition of Dumbledore's mistakes and obsessions with Harry's ultimate, and difficult decision to eschew the Deathly Hallows in the face of his task and self-sacrifice. I think they tried to give a tiny nod to that with Harry snapping the wand, but they never even pointed out that Harry had all three of the Hallows at that point, or at least the option to have them all.

But there was also much awesome, and the movies shall be sorely missed. It was a lot of fun to have them to look forward too. Now, just need the eighth to come out on DVD and then I can see if I am capable of physically surviving a marathon. Lol.
posted by [identity profile] at 05:20pm on 16/07/2011
and the movies shall be sorely missed. It was a lot of fun to have them to look forward too.

Oh yes. I couldn't agree more here. :) It's still a bit unreal that that's it.

Now, just need the eighth to come out on DVD and then I can see if I am capable of physically surviving a marathon. Lol.

Hahaha, yeah. LoTR marathons ain't got nothing on Harry Potter in that part. :D
posted by [identity profile] at 12:26am on 16/07/2011
I haven't read the books (don't look at me like that.. I'm very busy with my science/history/philosophy books but I will get to them eventually) so do you think I will enjoy it more since I don't have any preconceived notions?
posted by [identity profile] at 12:56am on 16/07/2011
I have no idea. I would be very interested to hear your take on it though! (I will just say that the books are really So Much better. The movies are fun, but the books are epic.)
posted by [identity profile] at 01:00am on 16/07/2011
Very few movies are better or even get to the same level as the books do, mainly because there is just so much more detail a book can go into where a movie only has 1.5- 2 hours. I have seen all the movies up until this point so I get the jist of the story. Will let you know. Probably won't see it for another week or so...
posted by [identity profile] at 01:37am on 16/07/2011
That's true. The only exception for me being Last of the Mohicans. The movie is way better. :)
posted by [identity profile] at 01:49am on 16/07/2011
You mean Daniel "My Left Foot" Day-Lewis bare chested and with long hair? Um, I'm sorry...what was I saying?
posted by [identity profile] at 01:50am on 16/07/2011
posted by [identity profile] at 01:03am on 16/07/2011
As soon as I read what you wrote about the "19 years later" bit, I groaned a little. When I read the last book I flipped the page and saw that and immediately wondered if I should read it. I remember thinking "What are you doing JKR?" lol

I think the biggest thing about making movies out of books is that a lot of the awesome is lost like you said. I mean, I have epic love for the books but my friends who dont read watch the movies and assume the books are the same. Ugh.
posted by [identity profile] at 01:50am on 16/07/2011
I think the epilogue was the one great fumble of the entire series. But I'm willing to forgive it. (i.e. pretend it doesn't exist.)

It makes me sad when people say they've never read the books, only watched the movies. They really aren't substitutes, more like augmentation. Like fan vids! Lol
posted by [identity profile] at 01:06am on 16/07/2011
Out of all of the points in this post that I agree with, I'm going to pick two to comment on.

1) LUNA. I was completely ambivalent about her when I read the books, but she was so spectacular in the movies, especially this last one. Her yelling Harry down was awesome. It's clear that he respects what she has to say unlike just about everyone else, and their relationship seems so much more solid than Harry & Ginny's.

2) I was one of those people who liked Snape in the books, but the emotion that Alan Rickman brought to the character was just. I couldn't have pictured it more well-acted than he played it. I will watch this movie over and over again for that one part alone.

There were definitely 'meh' points for me as well, but overall I am of the opinion that this series is damn awesome and I can see it being a part of my life until the end.
posted by [identity profile] at 01:48am on 16/07/2011
I do really think Luna would have been an interesting choice for Harry's love interest. She's not a Gryffindor, doesn't vaguely look like his mom, and sees the world in such an interesting way, which we know appeals to Harry. I can see him wanting to protect her, and end up getting protected by her instead. Thank goodness for fic, right? :)

Alan Rickman was great all around.
posted by [identity profile] at 04:42pm on 16/07/2011
Yes, thank goodness for fic! I agree with all of that: she's not a Gryffindor, she sees the world in a way that's similar in its foundation of ideals and yet so very different in just about every other respect, and SHE DOESN'T LOOK LIKE HIS MOM.

Speaking of fic, I think I need to go on a big hunt right about now.
posted by [identity profile] at 02:57pm on 16/07/2011
I'd have been happier to see Harry with Luna as well.

Couldn't agree more about Alan bringing such heart-breaking emotion to the very complex character of Snape. I'll gush about it forever and, really, his scenes are the ones I'll keep going back to the movie to see.
posted by [identity profile] at 01:25am on 16/07/2011
That movie was just awesome. It truly has come to be my favorite out of all of them.

And Draco - for a minute there I thought he was going to refuse to cross that line, but only because he owed Harry for saving his life. It just fits that he walks away though. Stay and die or walk away and live... Yeah Draco, I figured as much. :)

The epilogue wasn't that bad, and I really liked how they ended the epilogue the same way they ended the "war movie" - with Ron, Hermione and Harry standing together (in the same order both times) facing the rest of their lives together...

So things like that work for me, okaY? lol

Loved that movie!
posted by [identity profile] at 01:42am on 16/07/2011
I am, of course, very happy that you enjoyed it so much. Every fan deserves that. :)
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posted by [personal profile] ziparumpazoo at 01:53am on 16/07/2011
So you caved, huh? lol.
I skipped all your spoilery thoughts (which is less about spoiling the plot and more not wanting to be influenced when I finally do see it). I'm just curious if it's as pretty as DH1? Because the cinematography in that was... just wow. One of the few time I didn't have disparate versions of the book and the movie to figure out. But I think JKR's style of writing really lends itself to the screen.
posted by [identity profile] at 02:48am on 16/07/2011
Ha. I totally caved. I was just sitting here with the day off, with a theater like three blocks away, and just got up and went for it. I was really surprised that there were only like fifteen people in the theater.

As far as cinematography, DH1 was much prettier as far as landscape. DH2 is more about the special effects and fantastical sets, which can be its own kind of pretty. Very summer blockbuster to DH1's contemplative nature.
posted by [identity profile] at 02:51pm on 16/07/2011
So much to comment on, so little time! Why? I'm off to see an early morning screening of this movie - again!

The 19 yrs later scenes were re-shot using less heavy makeup. I'd have been happier with the Epilogue at the very end of the credits, though.

The editing could have been tighter, yes, but overall, I thought it was the best movie out of them all.

Just focusing on what I loved.

I'm sure Alan Rickman won't get an Oscar nom, but he damn well deserves one. The pensive scene just broke my heart and I've read the books so I knew what was coming.

McGonagall was great as well. Had some great lines. I love that she stepped in to defend Harry and she attacked Snape first! Notice that he did nothing but defend....?

Bellatrix...just I love her. And Helena plays her with such disturbing glee. Perfect.

As soon as Narcissa got her son back, they were gone! Loved that.

posted by [identity profile] at 05:24pm on 16/07/2011
Putting the epilogue after the credits could have been a good play. At least easier to ignore. Lol.

I don't think this movie will rank as my favorite. I'm probably in the minority, but I actually liked the first half of DH better. It had mood and cohesion and purpose and felt like a film rather than a shoved together set of beats from a book that could never translate perfectly to the screen. It's another reason why OOTP worked for me as a film. They were smart enough to realize that they couldn't translate the book as is, but instead needed to capture the spirit of the thing rather than every plot point. That being said, DH2 certainly wasn't my least favorite over all, and even my least favorite HP movie is still made of win. I'd still take the books over the movies any day, if I was forced to make a choice.
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posted by [personal profile] zorb at 06:52pm on 16/07/2011
I wish they hadn't done the stupid epilogue. When I see it again, I think I'll duck out before that starts. Overall, though, SO MUCH LOVE.
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posted by [identity profile] at 11:37pm on 16/07/2011

I really, really enjoyed it. Some of your thoughts and mine, they match!

I was totally in love with Luna this movie. She was so awesome and dreamy and yet useful... love her!

I, too, was worried for a while that Neville would NOT get to kill Nagini, and I was going to throw something. It's his one big moment, and he HAS to have it. His speech was awesome, too. Oh, Neville.

Molly Weasley! McGonagall! Oh, I love those two so, so much.

I can't believe how much I liked Helena Ravenclaw. I can't explain it, either, but I felt like that was a really good scene.

And HBC as Hermione was SO AMAZING. I don't understand how the actors managed to always make sure you knew exactly who the character really was. I kept forgetting that it was HBC.

I actually liked most of the changes to the end battle/fight scene. It works for the movie to have it happen concurrently, although some of it was pretty confused, and it did get a little long between Voldemort and Harry.

They really didn't quite hit the ball out of the park with Ginny's casting, did they? I mean, she looks right, but the chemistry just isn't there at ALL--that one scene where she runs in and stares at Harry is the best they get. Poor kids.

I think Ron and Hermione's kiss could have been improved if it came after Ron let on that he listens to her (isn't it that way in the book?), but I can see why it had more *visual* impact this way.

I really kept hoping Draco wouldn't go over, too. :-( :-( :-( Oh, well.
posted by [identity profile] at 03:02pm on 18/07/2011
I saw it Saturday night and was LOVING it up to the ending.

I have one, well, two issues with the ending. I'm able to let one go, but the other is really bothering me.

I felt that having Harry & Voldemort's last fight alone with everyone else in the great hall was wrong. It was important that everyone see Harry defeat Voldemort. This one is really sticking in my craw. I was worried about the deviation from the book on the fight, but I am really OK with it. It was visually great with the flying through the air/melding scene. And I felt that the visualization of the final fight was very good with the lightening between the wands. I loved how, as you pointed out above, they made V & H really both feel the little death with each horcrux. But I really wanted everyone there to see Volemort die. I just don't understand why they look that out of the movie.

I also really didn't like that they took out the part where Harry repairs his own wand with the Elder wand. Breaking the Elder wand and tossing it...felt odd, but I can go with that. BUT, Harry's wand was always important to him, so he should have repaired it. Meh. I'll get past this one.

I loved how they put the scene in the Great Hall with Snape and how Harry was in the crowd. And YES, I loved McGonagall - all parts of her.

And you are totally correct in the complete awesomeness of the whole series. I think the movies added to the books very well and even with my nit about, I loved them all. I want to rewatch the last one again right now, but will wait until the weekend.


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