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posted by [personal profile] annerb at 03:12pm on 26/07/2011 under ,
(I didn't want to post on LJ anyway. Lol)

I'm on bed rest for a few days for reasons I won't bore you all with, but I've been keeping myself entertained with streaming netflix. I was surprised to see that the entire catalog of Star Trek Next Generation and Star Trek Voyager are now available for streaming. So. Cool. I have been jumping around watching old favorites. ('Blood Fever'. Ha!) Voyager is even more cheesy goodness than I remembered, and TNG is even better written than I remembered (if not always better acted). Lots of fun over all. Watching TNG's 'Clues' right now. I am also having a strange craving for Deanna/Worf fic. Not that I have ever read TNG fic before. GUINAN!

And here's some awesome HP fic to read:

and yes i said yes i will yes by [info]honey_wheeler  (Harry Potter, Fred, George, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Molly/Arthur)
Four weddings and a funeral: Love, life, death, and Weasleys.
Lovely in-character, non-schmoopy, HP future fic with particularly fabulous Molly Weasley.

Summer Holidays by [info]penknife  (Harry Potter, Hermione with some Hermione/Ron)
After saving the world, it's time to figure out what to do next.
Fabulous Hermione fic about what comes after. And Hermione's line at the end is just...golden.

try and hide the night by [info]tosca1390 (Harry Potter, future, Harry, Ginny, James, Lily, Albus)
He wished someone would just tell him what was going on.
This is next-gen fic about growing up James Sirius Potter, and it's really fabulous. Not saccharine or gooey at all, but textured and difficult and lovely to read.
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posted by [personal profile] siggy at 06:04am on 27/07/2011
Mr. sig records ST-V everymorning and we watch it in the evening. Itwas a super show. We watch TNG too but it doesn't have the charm and the darker bits of voyager for me. Although I will join you in a "GUINAN!"

I'm sorry you're poorly, get well soon.

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posted by [personal profile] annerb at 05:00pm on 27/07/2011
Voyager is such good fun. I really do love Seven, and Tom and B'Elanna are like ship wish fulfillment on the screen, badfic melodrama and all. Love it so much. TNG is a bit, I imagine in the word I am looking for. Just meaning that they are a part of Starfleet and have all those layers of politics and a huge known galaxy around them that Voyager doesn't quite get. But Voyager does character development way better, which is one of my great loves. Lucky to have both, I suppose. :)

Thanks! Feeling better already, just recovering slowly.
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posted by [personal profile] pepper at 08:16am on 27/07/2011
Aw, poor Annerb, hope you feel better soon.

Ah, TNG... fond memories. I've been nostalgia-junkie-ing on Airwolf for the last couple of days, for no good reason. Unlike Trek, it's one of those shows that is better as a memory.
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posted by [personal profile] annerb at 05:03pm on 27/07/2011
Thanks! Slowly getting there.

And, ha. I think I know exactly what you mean. There are just some shows you thought were AMAZING as a kid that just can't survive revisits. They are better left hazy, fond memories. Lol. I've never seen Airwolf, but I imagine one of my older obsessions, like...SeaQuest, would no doubt be the same sort of thing.
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posted by [personal profile] pepper at 07:02pm on 27/07/2011
Haha, oh yes, exactly like SeaQuest.
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posted by [personal profile] mrspollifax at 05:42pm on 27/07/2011
Voyager on Netflix could get me in some seriously big trouble. I would blame you, except someone else told me about it first. ;) Good times!

Speaking of Harry Potter fic (that one by honey_wheeler is lovely, isn't it?), you might like Maps to the Stars Homes if you've never read it. It's a post-series story, mostly, but from way back in between book 6 and 7 so it's AU from DH.
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posted by [personal profile] annerb at 03:23am on 28/07/2011
Hee. I felt a small moment of dread under the sheer squee when I first realized the Treks were up on streaming. I could just feel hours of my life bleeding away. Lol.

I totally just discovered honey_wheeler and was happily devouring everything she'd written. Right up until LJ died. She had another lovely fic from Fleur's point of view that was just...perfect. Hope her fic will reappear someday!

I will definitely check out that fic, thanks! Should keep me tided over until LJ comes back from the dead. *fingers crossed*
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posted by [personal profile] rowan_d at 08:28pm on 27/07/2011
Star Trek Next Generation and Star Trek Voyager are now available for streaming.

ZOMG how did I not notice this?!?!???? And just when I had almost convinced myself it would be better to go back to just discs from Netflix (following the price hike). Darn it! Now I'm stuck. LOL

Sorry you are experiencing health suckage. I can greatly relate this week. Hope you are better very soon (and I agree, Star Trek is one of the best medicines!)
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posted by [personal profile] annerb at 03:44pm on 28/07/2011
Heh, yeah. We've just switched to streaming only as the pair of discs I have right now have been collecting dust on the table for at least four months. Clearly I am not using that service to its full. ;)

My health, well, just my appendix deciding it wanted to break up. I'll just consider it H/C research.


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