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(I didn't want to post on LJ anyway. Lol)

I'm on bed rest for a few days for reasons I won't bore you all with, but I've been keeping myself entertained with streaming netflix. I was surprised to see that the entire catalog of Star Trek Next Generation and Star Trek Voyager are now available for streaming. So. Cool. I have been jumping around watching old favorites. ('Blood Fever'. Ha!) Voyager is even more cheesy goodness than I remembered, and TNG is even better written than I remembered (if not always better acted). Lots of fun over all. Watching TNG's 'Clues' right now. I am also having a strange craving for Deanna/Worf fic. Not that I have ever read TNG fic before. GUINAN!

And here's some awesome HP fic to read:

and yes i said yes i will yes by [info]honey_wheeler  (Harry Potter, Fred, George, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Molly/Arthur)
Four weddings and a funeral: Love, life, death, and Weasleys.
Lovely in-character, non-schmoopy, HP future fic with particularly fabulous Molly Weasley.

Summer Holidays by [info]penknife  (Harry Potter, Hermione with some Hermione/Ron)
After saving the world, it's time to figure out what to do next.
Fabulous Hermione fic about what comes after. And Hermione's line at the end is just...golden.

try and hide the night by [info]tosca1390 (Harry Potter, future, Harry, Ginny, James, Lily, Albus)
He wished someone would just tell him what was going on.
This is next-gen fic about growing up James Sirius Potter, and it's really fabulous. Not saccharine or gooey at all, but textured and difficult and lovely to read.
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Let us not talk falsely by [ profile] lyras  (Harry Potter, gen, Arthur Weasley, Pansy Parkinson)
Arthur takes a reluctant trainee out into the field, and encounters an old friend who has not been treated well by the wizarding world.
Oh, this fic. It's not just the characterization, not just the amazing back story for Arthur, the way Pansy is treated but not excused or whitewashed, this fic's magic is in the portrait of the wizarding world and the not so sparkly bits in its history. Amazing.

Knowing is Half the Batter by [ profile] romanticalgirl  (Harry Potter, Ron/Hermione)
Ron's thinking that this is a Very Bad Idea.
Short, cute glimpse of Ron and his silly boy brain in all its glory.

Intermezzo by [ profile] fialka  (Castle, Castle/Beckett)
It's over now, not even any strength left for shouting.
A little missing scene for the finale that is perfect and so definitely missing.

The Things They Remember by [ profile] bethv2004  (Castle, Castle/Beckett)
The things they remember, the things they try to forget.
A 'Knock-Out' Post-ep dealing with the fallout.

This Wide-Eyed Wanderer (Just to Be With You) by [ profile] urban_stoop  (The West Wing, CJ/Danny)
four times Danny went to Africa, and one time he stayed home
Great Danny POV fic that not only brings the textures of Africa to life, but really nails the character voices.

Playing the Game: Rules Are Meant to be Broken by justanotherjen (SG-1, Sam/Jack)
Jack visits Sam on Atlantis after she takes command. (With the premise that they didn't get together after Threads.)
Short, sweet fic.

And because I can't stop looking back at this and laughing over and over again. And every time I go back THERE ARE MORE. (I'm sorry, but the Ashley and squirrel hunting one is the funniest one ever. NO LONGER BANGABLE.) Hahahahah.
Texts From Last Night (Sanctuary Style)
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I have been uploading my fic to AO3 over the last week or so. (63 down, all the scary multiple chapter ones left to go. Oh, gods, String Theory, you are going to kill me.) It has been fun to skim over old fics. Made me very nostaligic, and also kind of depressed, as I apparently used to be quite prolific. Now I am...not so much. Not sure what happened there. I did catch 'Evolution' on TV the other day and is this not the best SG ep of all time? I mean, SERIOUSLY. There is Bra'tac and Jacob and Reynolds and Burke and Dr. Lee, and the unholy trinity of awesomeness that is Hammond, Jacob, and Bra'tac all in one scene. And Jack backtalking to a Goa'uld, and Teal'c turning a Jaffa rebel, and Jack shooting a giant gun, speaking Spanish, and having BACKSTORY. And Daniel doing archeology Indiana Jones style and being all *yawn* about being kidnapped by guerrillas because, really, but also sweaty tortured Daniel and arm porn and attacking with a rock! Did I mention ZOMBIES? And the guide? ("Please, he owes me a lot of money.") And Sam in charge, and Jacob driving Sam insane, and the triple whump of Daniel, Sam, and Teal'c all bandaged by the end of the ep. And, OF COURSE, the old married couple dance of joy for Sam and Jack in this episode. Eye sex and lunch and smiles and needing a plan B. Could these two BE any cuter? (Makes you wonder if it was a last hurrah before they pulled 'Grace' on us and got Sam a boyfriend. Lol) Anyway, I am way digressing. Point: I've been a little nostalgic lately.

Here, have some fic recs (Sanctuary, Harry Potter, SGA, SG-1)

Displacement by [ profile] freestyle_one  (Sanctuary, Kate, gen)
She didn't wear the dead girls' clothes.
Really interesting fic about Kate finding her place and navigating the hole left by Ashley.

The Interview by [ profile] flyingcarpet  (Harry Potter, Pansy Parkinson, Ginny Weasley, Neville Longbottom, gen)
After the war, Pansy Parkinson did what she had to do to make amends. Six years later, she's still suffering the consequences.
Because I find the idea of redemption fascinating and I love that the author doesn't make Pansy a completely different person, just older.

A Significant Something by [ profile] zeplum  (Stargate Atlantis, Lorne/Novak)
Oh yeah, they're the pride of Atlantis.
Gods, I love zeplum's Lorne so much, snarky, competent, and brave. And throw in the stupid cute that is Lindsey Novak and I am in heaven.

The Trick is to Keep Breathing by [ profile] anr  (Stargate SG-1, Sam/Jack)
Ten loops Sam doesn't remember.
Sigh. Sam and Jack. You will always be number one. Great little snippets of Jack/Sam from Sam's POV during Window of Opportunity.
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+ Female Character Trope Fest is going on over at Dreamwidth! Go leave some prompts. Can't wait to see what comes out of this one. Left a few prompts myself. Including a Chase one I am waiting for [ profile] lyssie  or [ profile] surreallis  to write for me. ;)

+ I watched the new Russell Crowe Robin Hood the other night. It was no where near as bad as I was lead to believe it would be. Not completely awesome either, but very interesting and not at all what I was expecting. But seeing Zipacna and Morris from ER as the merry men was endlessly fun.

+ Good fic to read:

The Story Needed Mending
by Mad_Maudlin (Sanctuary, Kate, Kate/Ashley)
Once upon a time there was a girl, and a ghost. Then it got complicated.
Absolutely great Kate voice. And everyone else too. I love the narrative structure. The best kind of ghost story. Go read it now.

To Dwell on Dreams by [ profile] musamihi  (Harry Potter, Snape)
Six years after losing Lily, Severus has to let go all over again.
This is a pretty gut-wrenching and amazing fic about the lengths Snape goes to to keep from having to accept his loss.
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May the Moon and Sunlight Seem by Lizarel (Harry Potter, Hermione/Ron)
Because scars don't disappear just because darkness is defeated.
I have to admit that while I like Hermione/Ron just fine, I have never been much of a fan of the fic. This fic is the exception. It has true voices, a wonderful look at Ron and how he changes over the series of books, and lacks all of the smarmy, hysterionics popular in a lot of the teenage romance of the Harry Potter world. I really love this fic.  

All Roads (Eventually) Lead to Home by [ profile] igrockspock  (Harry Potter, Hermione, gen)
After the end of the war, Hermione goes to find her parents. They aren't where she expected them to be.
This is a nice look at Hermione dealing with her actions at the beginning of Deathly Hallows (and was there honestly a more wrenching scene in the first film than Hermione leaving her parents' home? Gah.

The Blood in Your Skin by [ profile] anythingbutgrey  (Fringe, altLivia/Lincoln)
Ten things that may or may not have happened to Lincoln and Olivia. This is what leads Lincoln to kiss her the first time they almost die together. Lincoln thinks this is romantic. Olivia laughs in his face.
Oh, this fic. So wonderful. And painful. But definitely worth reading. (Warning: character death)

Five Things That Never Happened to Nikki Heat...and One That Did Happen to Kate Beckett by [ profile] fialka  (Castle, Nikki/Rook, Beckett/Castle, NC-17 for smut)
Sometimes, even Castle needs a fic fix. Meta AU.
Hot and awesome. I love the way Nikki Heat and Rook are different characters, and yet a tiny bit not. Definite must read.

Mama Who Bore Me by language_escapes (Saint Trinian's)
Ten stories about eleven St. Trinian's girls and the women who shaped them.
This is set in a specific version of this universe by this author that I love. (Having Chosen, So Defined). I think this fic even manages to blow that one out of the water. You know, even if you have never seen the St. Trinian movies, I think you really might enjoy this fic. It's about daughters and mothers and the paths we chose in this life. It's lovely and powerful, and way better than the original movies themselves which are amusingly bad, but make up for it in the idea they put forth.
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Fleeting Moments by Elialys (CSI: Las Vegas, Sara/Grissom, character death)
When grief blurs the line between memories and imagination, here's your last chance to say goodbye.
Brief, brutal, beautiful look at a different outcome for 'Living Doll'.

Stale Toothpaste (And Other Problems of Love) by Camilla Sandman (CSI: Las Vegas, Sara/Grissom)
Grissom snores. Sara leaves the toothpaste cap unscrewed.
Fluffy established relationship.


Trickster Makes This World by Alice Starling (Fringe, Peter, Peter/Olivia, Alt!Livia, Lincoln)
On fatherhood and the art of the con; Peter comes downstairs one morning to find Olivia with unwelcome guests.
I love the idea of Peter as the Trickster. A glimpse of what first made me like Peter, the grittier side. Or at least the possibility of it.

Gilmore Girls

Minute Detail by Arianna555 (Gilmore Girls, Rory/Jess)
This is called tension. These are the facts: it's two words on a page. Rory sent the letter from LHCD.
Awesome look at Jess and Rory's dysfunctional relationship while they are both with other people. Jess broods with the best of them.

Taking Shots for Mother Nature by falseeyelashes (Gilmore Girls, Rory, Rory/Finn)
It's the alcohol and the decadence and the swimming pool; it's the Jay Gatsby and a date with destiny and it's the friends that aren't her own and Rory gets it now: she's become her mother without ever meaning to. AU Post-Season Five finale.
Rory at her season five dysfunctional best. Love it. (And yes, you read that pairing right.)

The Seven Deadly Sins: A Series of Lit Vignettes by abc79-de (Gilmore Girls, Rory/Jess)
A series of looks at moments we were robbed of in Season Three. A look at Rory and Jess being Rory and Jess.
Just what it says.

Harry Potter

Cyclic by Fair-Ithil (Harry Potter, Ron, Trio)
Fall holds your beginning, summer your end, and you've only just realized...Ron Weasley charts the seasons
Great, great lyrical look at Ron's side of things. Short and sweet.

Of Kissing and Karma by She's a Star (Harry Potter, Harry/Ginny)
Mistletoe has reared its ugly head during the sixth year Christmas holidays at Hogwarts, resulting in revolting displays of affection, and one Miss Ginny Weasley ain't gonna stand for it.
This is a cute little fic with great Ginny in it. Even if there are like an acre of author's notes at the top for some reason. Trust me, it's worth wading through to get to the fic itself.


Plan C Series by missparker
Sam throws her back out the same week the Colonel is scheduled for his third knee surgery.
Very nice series of stories about Sam and Jack doing what we love best, pulling apart as hard as they can until they inevitably snap back together. Very nice angst and I just love the voices.
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+Thanks so much for all the birthday wishes. I had a pretty good day packed with friends and food and some thought-provoking stuff (and brownies! Did I mention brownies?).

+You know, I've been thinking this for a long time, sort of wincing every time I see it used, but I have to finally just say this out loud: I really dislike the term 'pimp', particularly when used in the context of spreading word about fannish things (comms, ficathons, charity events, etc). I have been trying and trying to think of a better word for what we mean, because pimp is just...yeah. Not a great word to throw around, especially in the context of some of the really positive things people are trying to do when they use it. It's just one of those words that you can't escape the connotations of male dominance, sexual subjugation, and casual commodification of women. And I'm saying this as a fangirl who far too casually uses the term 'whore' to self-describe her obsessions with ship or angst or whump or whatever, which is something I also really need to stop doing. We can all argue that we know what I mean and that it's just a joke, but...that doesn't really excuse it. So. Yeah. In honor of International Woman's Day, lets try thinking of better words for what we mean. Because no matter how easy it is to dismiss as no big deal, words really do matter.

+And because I can't really post without reccing fic, and today is a day for awesome women:

Four Walls and a Blaster by [ profile] holdouttrout  (Star Wars, Leia, Han, AU)
Han left, and Leia couldn't fault him. What might have happened if he never came back at the battle of Yavin.
This is a great little glimpse into an AU where things don't go so well for the Rebellion at the end of the first movie. Leia is left to fight her own battles in the only way she can. This is the Leia I love, discovering her potential one painful atom at a time.

Like a Leaf on the Water by [ profile] penknife  (Pirates of the Caribbean, Mistress Cheng)
They were both different people, once, or maybe they weren't that different after all.
Even if you have never seen PotC, or have no memory of the later movies all that much, you still need to read this fic. It's the story of the life of Mistress Cheng and how she becomes a great pirate lord. This is one amazing, well textured woman. Warning for many adult themes and situations. See fic heading info.

Echo by vatrixsta (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Xander, Cordelia, Xander/Cordelia)
Today is Cordelia's favorite day.
Yes, this fic is in first person, which is usually not my cup of tea, but this is so wonderfully done, capturing all my nostalgia for the first show I was ever fannish about, and the sheer joy that was Xander and Cordelia in their early snarky glory. Definitely worth a read.

9.8ms2 by [ profile] delicfcd  (Harry Potter, Ginny, Ginny/Harry)
Ginny can't stop falling.
This is a cute little look into Ginny analyzing her feelings for Harry, and how sometimes boys are just like physics.

So It Goes by Nomad (The West Wing, Jed Bartlet/Abbey Bartlet)
Jed Bartlet. Abigail Barrington. 1967.
This is a great story about how Jed and Abbey may have met, become friends, and eventually fallen in love. I find the characters and their settings very plausible, and the cameos by Mrs. Landingham worth it alone. It's long, but quite a nice read. Warning for depictions of child abuse.
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No Valentines by [ profile] penknife  (SG-1, Sam/Jack)
Unschmoopy Valentine's fic! And there is just something about Sam's confliction in this that I find so true.

I am Joining All My Thoughts to You by [ profile] tosca1390  (P&P, Lizzy/Darcy)
“You are pretty, my Lizzy, but you must not be so quick to speak your mind!”
Great little snippet of Lizzy and Darcy during their engagement.

Gravity by [ profile] penknife  (X-Men, Rogue)
There are all kinds of weight. Rogue is learning that.
This is an awesome, awesome, awesome fic all about Rogue dealing with the voices left in her head, and the men she has touched. Love this.

We Have No Rodeo Clowns in Yell County by SarahT (True Grit, Mattie/LaBoeuf)
As I grew into a young lady, I was not much troubled with suitors.
Can't say I was all that certain about this pairing, but Mattie's voice is so well done I sort of didn't care.

Ginny Weasley and the Pillow of Doom
by opalish (Harry Potter, Ginny, Fred, George, Ginny/Harry)
In which Ginny angsts over Harry's absence, Fred and George are complete prats, and weaponry is employed to fight brotherly oppression.
Because boys are idiots. Even when they're being sort of adorable.

The Day the Music Died
by kaydeefalls (The West Wing)
Or, eight kinds of days it could have been. Eight possible outcomes post-1.22, "What Kind of Day Has It Been?"
Ouch, ouch, ouch. And I love it. Secondary character love! (The Gina one kills me dead.)
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I tagged my 2,000th het fic for [ profile] sg1debrief  yesterday. Seemed like a fun milestone. Bring on the SG-1 het fic, peeps!

Just a couple of quick recs:

Untold Things by [ profile] tielan  (Sanctuary, Kate)
Kate's not proud of everything she's done.
Snapshots of Kate's life before the Sanctuary twined in with her new life and the people in it. This is a great depiction of Kate that captures all her nuance, all without turning her into a soulless bad guy or a whitewashed good guy. She's solidly in between and that's just one of the reasons I love her. And the glimpses of the other Sanctuary characters are great.

We Are Tired of Your Discipline by [ profile] tosca1390  (Harry Potter, Ginny)
The feeling that she’d either kill or be killed at Hogwarts this year hadn’t left her all summer.
Wonderful look at Ginny going back to Hogwarts for her sixth year, minus the Trio. There's suspicion and bravery and Hogwarts really isn't the same, except the need to resist.

Ruse by [ profile] k_pasa  (SG-1, Sam, Sam/Jack)
A whirlwind: not of leaves that grasp the sand and whirl it with them, on a prairie; but, of, paper and cigarette butts, on a sidewalk. (Charlotte Liberty Walker, I Heard A Scream In The Street, 1970). Samantha Carter comes undone.
This is a unique, very interesting fic. It's probably just a kink of mine, but I find it fascinating when stories are written from the point of view of the person losing their mind, and how the world looks to them. This is not your run of the mill fic, and may be too dark and twisted at times for some people, but it hits the spot for me. Plus, it has a fulfilling ending with a pay off. It's left me thinking about it long after I finished it, and that's not something that happens a lot.
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You know how very occasionally you come across a fanvids that manages to completely encompass what you love about a particular fandom and from then on that song will never fail to remind you of that vid and that fandom? (Much like the way I can't hear The Blue Man Group's Rods and Cones without thinking of Rocketchick's uber Stargate SG-1 vid.) Now I can no longer hear OneRepublic's Marching On without thinking of Harry Potter and this awesome vid.

Speaking of Harry Potter, there is a mad non-canon ship comment ficathon going on over here. Lots of prompts and lots of great little snippets. Most of which are really more 'throw two characters in a room together' than real ship. My Luna love is in full effect. Here's some I recommend:

Seeing Things That Others Don't by [ profile] alissabobissa  (Harry and Luna) I think Luna makes the best foil for Harry.

This Maze of Being by [ profile] eleusis_walks  (Ginny and Tom Riddle) absolutely chilling

Unworthy by [ profile] leigh_adams  (Severus Snape and Charity Burbage) Oh, Snape.

And not strictly from the commentathon but made of serious awesome, the fic I didn't even know I was waiting for all these years:

Knight in Dented Armor by [ profile] igrockspock  (Draco and Luna) This is just awesome. It's set in the time Luna spent in the Malfoy's dungeon and encapsulates everything I love about both of these characters.

On the Stargate front:

Winners by [ profile] penknife  (Jack, Daniel, Sam/Jack) Really great look at what 'winning' really feels like, and why it doesn't feel better.

the cold hard equation by [ profile] blahnicity  (Sam, Daniel, Sam/Jack) This one will punch you in the gut. You have been forewarned.

Oh, and while I'm here, an awesome Sanctuary fic I've been meaning to mention:

Form and Function by [ profile] penknife  (Henry) Read this for Henry, but also for all the other characters seen through his eyes. This one makes me ache for all of them and wish Ashley back So Hard.


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