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Falling Skies is totally hitting all of my kinks. Yes, there are flaws, and there can always be more women and less whitey-boy manpain, BUT. I have an embarrassing attachment to Noah Wyle back from the John Carter ER years (and now he's SCRUFFY, and a ex-history professor with a gun!)

Not to mention that I completely and utterly renounce any attachment I ever had to Paul Davis in the face of the sheer AWESOME that is Colin Cunningham as John Pope. I him, evil and all. (God, who knew he would make such an awesome bad guy?) 

And don't even get me started on Moon Bloodgood as Anne Glass. Civilian BAD ASSERY, right there.

Did I mention the apocalypse? And the aliens? And moments of humanity sandwiched into total horror and angst? Oh, and it's already been picked up for a second season, so hopefully my curse won't screw us all too badly. Lol.
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I'm having a bit of a 'Holy God Jack O'Neill Is Hot' week. I quite enjoy these weeks.

Guh. )

Words are hiding from me these days, so maybe these pictures can offer inspiration. Spam me with some more, people! Though I also found this image on my photobucket account. I swear there must be a story behind it.

Oh noes! Has someone beat up Jack?
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Okay, so I could not whittle down to less than 13, and even then it was only possible if I limited myself to TV characters. Movies will have to come later. :) Enjoy! (Stolen from the sublime [ profile] annienau08 )

Warning: More sheer awesome than most mere mortals can handle... (Image heavy) )
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Because what your day clearly needs is Sam Carter being awesome. God, still can't stop laughing. The last one...oh, lord. I need a poster sized one of those for my wall.
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A link to my post over at [ profile] awesome_women . Woman I'd take into a fight with me: Ginny Weasley.
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Because sometimes there are days that only Jack O'Neill in dress blues can ever hope to salvage...

Hit me with some squee and glee and guh, people. I needs it. What makes you happy today?
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Just got back from another trip. I am hopelessly behind on flist and whatnot, but I'm uploading my pics and realizing just how often I take photos of things that only another fangirl would appreciate. At this point, my husband has stopped asking me when I start laughing and taking photos of random things on our trips. He just nods and says, "Fandom thing, right?" I think it's when he actually gets what's making me laugh that he gets annoyed. Lol. So here's a random selection from the last few years.

These moments in fangirl geekry are brought to you by an exhausted passport. )
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Happiest of birthdays to dear [personal profile] aurora_novarum who is a great partner in crime for all things fannish and gleeful. A great writer, a great beta, and a great all around person (not to mention a walking encyclopedia of Stargate knowledge). For you, a goofy picspam of our favorite team.

I'm sorry, SG-1 can't hear you over the sound of how awesome they are. )

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They came today!!!!

The back of the box is even better. )

I'm sort of loathe to open them.  Maybe one new one a week. Lol
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As recently shared in [ profile] holdouttrout 's lovely male objectification thread, this guy from Fringe has caught my eye (and yes, I know it's rather embarrassing to be attracted to someone who used to be on Dawson's Creek. Stop reminding me.):

His name is Peter Bishop. He's scruffy and has a dark past and uses humor to defuse tense situations and--wait. This is sounding familiar. Anyway. Peter has a crush on a girl and the show, Fringe, has just supplied me with one of those ship episodes where it just finally clicks, the kind with a few tiny moments that I will squee over and watch again and again until my TiVo pleads exhaustion. I mean, teasing and grinning and eyesex and uncomfortable pauses!! Clearly they know the way to my heart.

Obviously image heavy, and spoilerific for the most recent episode: 'Ability'.

Wherein I picspam about the cuteness that is Peter and Olivia. )


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