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If you are interested in something specific, try these links.

Gen Fic
Sam/Jack Fic
Other Pairings Fic
Long Fics

Other Fandoms (Leverage, SGA, SGU, CSI, House, Firefly, Austen, Last of the Mohicans, Gilmore Girls)

Chronological )

Also, try these!
This is My Jack and Sam: A Visual Primer by Annerb
Shipper Sanity Meta
Fic Recs (All but SG-1)
SG-1 Fic Recs
An Ode to Betas
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My random thoughts on The 100 season 4 because I feel like posting stuff to somewhere you can have actually conversations again and where I don’t have to worry about spoiling people.



Episode 401 - Spoilers! )


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Every year I take a trip with my Mom to the same place. It's become a sort of a tradition with us. A chance to hang out and enjoy a beautiful place. I'm packing up right now for this year's trip and I'm facing the typical conundrum of 'do I take my laptop with me?' There is no internet access and very poor reception otherwise, so I am looking at printing out a few stories in progress and just taking those with me. It's reminding me that one of my strongest memories of these trips the last few years have been me working hard against a ficathon deadline. It's funny to me that I sort of can't separate that out from the trip traditions anymore. I so clearly remember pacing around as I wrestled various plot twists into place on Beneath the Stains of Time for the apocalypse_kree ficathon. I remember working on my porny Compliance 'verse for the porn fest. I remember trying to get String Theory to cooperate. I've pretty much given up ficathons in the last few years, mainly because in my old age I am getting slower and slower at finishing things. But this year I fittingly do have one more deadline looming, my help_japan fic. Hopefully tradition will hold and I will actually finish it. :)

Have a great weekend!

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I bought a kindle a while ago and I am still muchly enjoying it. I kind of hit that slump where I wasn't sure what to read though, and someone somewhere mentioned The Queen's Thief series, and seeing as how I generally enjoy YA quasi-fantasy quasi-historical stuff I thought I might give it a go. The first book, The Thief, was slow going for me at first. (It's the first person thing. I know, I know, we've all done it, it's like the natural starting place for writing narratives, but it generally takes a really awesome story to make me get over that. I'm looking at you, Lady Julia.) Anyway, I kept along with the book with some determination at first, but eventually forgot to force myself to read. It really wasn't until the ending that I finally felt this moment of being impressed. Enough so that I immediately downloaded the sequel. (Oh, kindle, you are instant gratification at its most dangerous.) The second book in the series dumps the first person (thank god) and spends a lot more time with the awesome women of this realm. By the end, I was cackling with glee at the sheer pwnage going on. So, yeah. The second book was pretty damn awesome. Just downloaded the third. Fingers are crossed for more greatness.
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(I didn't want to post on LJ anyway. Lol)

I'm on bed rest for a few days for reasons I won't bore you all with, but I've been keeping myself entertained with streaming netflix. I was surprised to see that the entire catalog of Star Trek Next Generation and Star Trek Voyager are now available for streaming. So. Cool. I have been jumping around watching old favorites. ('Blood Fever'. Ha!) Voyager is even more cheesy goodness than I remembered, and TNG is even better written than I remembered (if not always better acted). Lots of fun over all. Watching TNG's 'Clues' right now. I am also having a strange craving for Deanna/Worf fic. Not that I have ever read TNG fic before. GUINAN!

And here's some awesome HP fic to read:

and yes i said yes i will yes by [info]honey_wheeler  (Harry Potter, Fred, George, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Molly/Arthur)
Four weddings and a funeral: Love, life, death, and Weasleys.
Lovely in-character, non-schmoopy, HP future fic with particularly fabulous Molly Weasley.

Summer Holidays by [info]penknife  (Harry Potter, Hermione with some Hermione/Ron)
After saving the world, it's time to figure out what to do next.
Fabulous Hermione fic about what comes after. And Hermione's line at the end is just...golden.

try and hide the night by [info]tosca1390 (Harry Potter, future, Harry, Ginny, James, Lily, Albus)
He wished someone would just tell him what was going on.
This is next-gen fic about growing up James Sirius Potter, and it's really fabulous. Not saccharine or gooey at all, but textured and difficult and lovely to read.
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So I finally finished all of Medium,Spoilers for the Medium series finale. )

There's like only a handful of fic for Medium, which makes me pretty sad. Add to that the laws of fanfic percentages, and there are probably only one or two awesome fics out there somewhere. So the search begins.

Though I have already half-invented a fic where Jacob goes and haunts Ariel at school until she agrees to go down to DC and tell Jack about some imminent total destruction of Earth event. There will be a moment where Jacob says to Ariel, "You're talking to a dead person, and it's the aliens you're having a hard time with?" (Oh lord, add this to my pile of wacko cross-overs I am NOT writing. Right next to that Stargate/Leverage one.)

Now back to my [ profile] help_japan fic and trying to get the next chapter of my Ginny fic at least off to beta before the movie opens tomorrow. Ha.
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Falling Skies is totally hitting all of my kinks. Yes, there are flaws, and there can always be more women and less whitey-boy manpain, BUT. I have an embarrassing attachment to Noah Wyle back from the John Carter ER years (and now he's SCRUFFY, and a ex-history professor with a gun!)

Not to mention that I completely and utterly renounce any attachment I ever had to Paul Davis in the face of the sheer AWESOME that is Colin Cunningham as John Pope. I him, evil and all. (God, who knew he would make such an awesome bad guy?) 

And don't even get me started on Moon Bloodgood as Anne Glass. Civilian BAD ASSERY, right there.

Did I mention the apocalypse? And the aliens? And moments of humanity sandwiched into total horror and angst? Oh, and it's already been picked up for a second season, so hopefully my curse won't screw us all too badly. Lol.


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