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(I didn't want to post on LJ anyway. Lol)

I'm on bed rest for a few days for reasons I won't bore you all with, but I've been keeping myself entertained with streaming netflix. I was surprised to see that the entire catalog of Star Trek Next Generation and Star Trek Voyager are now available for streaming. So. Cool. I have been jumping around watching old favorites. ('Blood Fever'. Ha!) Voyager is even more cheesy goodness than I remembered, and TNG is even better written than I remembered (if not always better acted). Lots of fun over all. Watching TNG's 'Clues' right now. I am also having a strange craving for Deanna/Worf fic. Not that I have ever read TNG fic before. GUINAN!

And here's some awesome HP fic to read:

and yes i said yes i will yes by [info]honey_wheeler  (Harry Potter, Fred, George, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Molly/Arthur)
Four weddings and a funeral: Love, life, death, and Weasleys.
Lovely in-character, non-schmoopy, HP future fic with particularly fabulous Molly Weasley.

Summer Holidays by [info]penknife  (Harry Potter, Hermione with some Hermione/Ron)
After saving the world, it's time to figure out what to do next.
Fabulous Hermione fic about what comes after. And Hermione's line at the end is just...golden.

try and hide the night by [info]tosca1390 (Harry Potter, future, Harry, Ginny, James, Lily, Albus)
He wished someone would just tell him what was going on.
This is next-gen fic about growing up James Sirius Potter, and it's really fabulous. Not saccharine or gooey at all, but textured and difficult and lovely to read.
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So I finally finished all of Medium,Spoilers for the Medium series finale. )

There's like only a handful of fic for Medium, which makes me pretty sad. Add to that the laws of fanfic percentages, and there are probably only one or two awesome fics out there somewhere. So the search begins.

Though I have already half-invented a fic where Jacob goes and haunts Ariel at school until she agrees to go down to DC and tell Jack about some imminent total destruction of Earth event. There will be a moment where Jacob says to Ariel, "You're talking to a dead person, and it's the aliens you're having a hard time with?" (Oh lord, add this to my pile of wacko cross-overs I am NOT writing. Right next to that Stargate/Leverage one.)

Now back to my [ profile] help_japan fic and trying to get the next chapter of my Ginny fic at least off to beta before the movie opens tomorrow. Ha.
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Falling Skies is totally hitting all of my kinks. Yes, there are flaws, and there can always be more women and less whitey-boy manpain, BUT. I have an embarrassing attachment to Noah Wyle back from the John Carter ER years (and now he's SCRUFFY, and a ex-history professor with a gun!)

Not to mention that I completely and utterly renounce any attachment I ever had to Paul Davis in the face of the sheer AWESOME that is Colin Cunningham as John Pope. I him, evil and all. (God, who knew he would make such an awesome bad guy?) 

And don't even get me started on Moon Bloodgood as Anne Glass. Civilian BAD ASSERY, right there.

Did I mention the apocalypse? And the aliens? And moments of humanity sandwiched into total horror and angst? Oh, and it's already been picked up for a second season, so hopefully my curse won't screw us all too badly. Lol.
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I seem to have caught the plague. It's no fun. I mean, who likes to be sick, right? But usually I take illness as a sign from my body that I need a day or two of total wallow and relaxation. Only this is that one where you have no appetite and can't sleep and standing makes everything go dizzy. NOT COOL. What fun is staying home all day if you can't sleep for years and eat comfort food, or at least write fic? (Though I *may* have hallucinated an ending to the next chapter of my Ginny fic last night while I was not sleeping.) At least today I am upright enough to type on my laptop. So, how have I been keeping myself sane? Elizabeth Chadwick's Greatest Knight and The Scarlet Lion (omg, Isabelle, I love you.) Quite enjoyable reads, though as typical of historical fiction, there is a certain predictability and lack in the books. (Though they would have been less predictable had I not read the afterword of the first book before reading the second. Lol.) Overall well done though. Other than that? Well, here's a hint:

OMG, streaming Netflix. You have reunited me with one of my childhood obsessions. The Young Riders! Josh Brolin, yum. God this show is cheesy, revisionist, white man apologetic, goofy, man-candy wonderfulness.

Ok. Time to lie down again before I pass out. Time for the next ep!
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Hey guys. I'm alive. Really. Just had some unexpectedly awesome things happen that have sort of temporarily taken over my life. Just one more week of insanity though, and things should settle in again. Writing has sort of fallen to the wayside, sadly. Not that I haven't been writing, just not writing effectively. The next chapter of my Ginny fic has demanded to be rewritten and taken unexpected turns three or four times in the last few weeks. It's being as slippery as a Slytherin. Snerk. I've also started and abandoned three or four ideas for my [ profile] help_japan  charity fic. Oy. I tried poking at the next installment of the DC Series, but Daniel is being stubborn. (What else is new?) I've had a few other things open on my desktop, adding a few words here and there, but I'm not really settling to anything, sadly.

I just got a review on one of my oldest stories, which is nice. Really. Comments are always great. It's just... I do my absolute best to pretend I never wrote this particular fic, so the rare time someone leaves a comment, it gives rise to that urge to DELETE THE STORY FROM EXISTENCE yet again. All of you who never posted your first ever fic? I envy you SO MUCH. Lol.

I'm really behind on TV watching. I can't really build up any interest in the latest Sanctuary, though I imagine I will get around to it eventually. (I'm sorry. You all know how I feel about character bashing, but I just...can't make myself like Will. I'm trying. And another aside, I was commenting to holdouttrout the other day that I rewatched Star Trek Reboot again the other day and noticed that Chris Pine is a total mouth breather too, it just in no way bothers me the way it does with Will. I cannot explain this. Lol.) I saw Fringe, but don't really have any thoughts at the moment. Maybe later. It's a long hiatus to ruminate over. Looking forward to all the summer shows starting up again soon though. Yay White Collar and Covert Affairs and Leverage and other ones I am probably forgetting about.

Speaking of Leverage, I'm pretty broken up that Con-Con was canceled. Not surprised, just sad. I'd really been looking forward to that.

Seems there's gong to be a new Lady Julia Grey book coming out on June 21st. Let's hope it doesn't suck as much as the fourth one did. I'll give it a read and let you know if it's worth reading or if we should just continue to pretend there were only three Lady Julia books.

I've been reading throw away shitty romance novels. )

Here are a few fic recs to make up for it:

The Package Deal by [ profile] ziparumpazoo  (Fringe, Peter/Olivia, Walter)
She drew these two men together and forced them, sometimes painfully, to build their own warped version of a family. They’re a package deal. An If/Then statement. It’s that simple.
This is a great morning after fic for 6B, showing Olivia's relationships with Peter, but also Walter, who is an inescapable part of the deal. Such a perfect glimpse into what life with the Bishops would be like.

The Bridal Path by Vyola (Addams Family, Wednesday/Joel)
To marry an Addams means taking marriage very seriously. After all, it is till death do you part. And even then, sometimes they come back.
Okay, so it's not like I'm this big Addam's Family fan or anything. I'm pretty sure I saw the movie a million years ago. But, god, I love Wednesday, the quirky worldview of the Addam's family, and their non-traditional romance. This is such a great little fic. Short, quirky, and definitely worth a read.

The Priming Game by amonitrate (Ironman, Rhodey, Tony, Tony/Pepper if you really squint)
Rhodey wonders if from now on it's going to be Tony Before and Tony After.
This is a fill in for the time between when Tony is rescued out of the desert and when he lands back in America. Rhodey's POV on the changes that have come over Tony, the secrets he is clearly keeping, and the suspicions of the US Government that threaten to push Tony over the edge. Such a clear vision of the characters and their relationships as well at the way Tony is changed by his experience.
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Not to speak ill of the dead or anything, but WTF, Chase? )
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I just finished watching the miniseries Pillars of the Earth. (I have really meant to read the book over and over again, but being ill and tied to the couch and blessed with streaming netflix, I could no longer resist.) While the series over all had more blood and guts and rampant whoring than I would have liked, I was over all incredibly impressed with all of the women in this series. They were pretty much the ones standing up and doing things while the men stumbled about. Even the bad guys had a cast iron evil woman pulling more than her weight in the background. Pretty fricking cool. Definitely worth a watch. (Really makes me want to reread Penman's When Christ and His Saints Slept again.)

Some of the awesome women of Pillars:

The witch.

The Queen.

The daughter.

There are some boys in there too. (Finding Tom the Builder hot is not nearly as disturbing as finding Matthew MacFadyen hot as Brother Phillip. Whoops. I blame Mr. Darcy.) Oh, there's a cathedral too, of course. But mostly, AWESOME LADIES. Woot.
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Oh, Fringe. You magnificent show. (Spoilers through "Stowaway") )


On the other hand... Anyone been watching 'Breakout Kings"? I have only seen the first two eps, but I have thoughts, because this seems like my kind of show (criminals using skills to help people! Eee!), and it is totally NOT. Here's why: )
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Joan of Arcadia )


Better Off Ted )


The Unusuals )


Chase )


Firefly )

So, yeah. Apparently I have a thing for quirk and snark. What a surprise. Lol.

And since I know I am going to hear this, I thought I would say that I am sure most people would put TSCC and Pushing Daisies on this list, but I never let myself get sucked into either of those. Which apparently was a smart idea in retrospect. Boo!


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